If you’re looking for an AI chatbot for customer support then you’ve come to the right place.

InvoCom is constructed on a seamless AI/ML technology which ensures:

  • Real-time support
  • Customer engagement
  • Consistent communication ties

A complete customer service representative package that can grow your business

Aims of Invocom

The main objective of InvoCom is to facilitate accelerated progress and development that could boost your business in a very short span. An integrated, responsive, and participatory approach to create an efficient and optimum communication network. InvoCom is a compact solution allowing you to build a long-lasting customer satisfaction experience with instant knowledge base messaging while reducing customer queries with an advanced form of problem settlement tactics.

An all-in-one customer service tool

With the rise of online businesses, maintaining strong customer relationships has become more important than ever. At InvoCom, we want to help businesses grow by building meaningful relationships with their customers. Pledge to offer an all-in-one customer communication platform to drive higher conversion rates and growth through better relations. Build, test, and optimize - Our technology empowers you to deploy perfect AI chatbots with multiple integrations and real-time support.

Extend your reach

Invocom has opened new channels for B2C communication. Businesses can engage customers with a 24/7 conversation platform. Our instant messaging service makes each connection simple, friendly, practical, and convenient.

    What defines InvoCom:
  • Working for a distributed connection yet engaging
  • Creating a customer impact
  • Passionate and always learning
  • Growth and evaluation

Automated Customer Support and an Amazing Lead-Generation Engine

  • Live Chat
  • Simplified Chatbot Configuration Process
  • Collaborative Workspace and Tools
  • Smart Dashboard
  • Shared Inbox and Team Chats

Ready To Get Started?

Build your customized chat widget on a cost-effective budget and scale as you grow. With InvoCom you can opt for both AI Chatbot and live chat agents.

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