What You Need to Know About the Cost of AI Chatbots in 2023?


It has become an increasingly indisputable fact that businesses tend to flourish more with the integration of conversational AI chatbots in their customer service. According to a source, 80% of organizations are now implementing AI chatbots into the system. Now you might have decided to acquire a bot for business and want information about the AI chatbot cost. Don’t worry! We've got your back. 


What factors affect the cost of an AI chatbot?

You might have surfaced on the internet searching for chatbot pricing, but you probably find it too confusing to get a grasp on. Well, the number of things can determine how much an AI chatbot costs. Let's have a look and select the price that is suitable for your company. 

AI chatbot development 

It can be a challenging procedure that calls for programming and artificial intelligence knowledge. The complexity of the chatbot, the degree of customization needed, and the build time will all affect the development cost.


Depending on the complexity of your current systems and the amount of modification needed, integrating a chatbot into them will cost money. For instance, integrating a chatbot into a complicated enterprise system can cost more than doing so for a straightforward website.

Cost of hosting

An AI chatbot will depend on the traffic it receives and the level of resources required to handle that traffic. High-traffic chatbots may require more powerful servers, which can increase hosting costs. depends on the volume of traffic it receives and the number of resources needed to accommodate that traffic. The need for more powerful servers for chatbots with high traffic may raise the cost of hosting.


AI chatbots must be regularly maintained to ensure appropriate operation, just like any other piece of software. This may entail adding fresh information to the chatbot or responding to user comments. The complexity of the chatbot and the quantity of continuing support needed will determine the cost of maintenance.


NLP, or natural language processing, is an essential part of AI bot pricing since it enables them to comprehend and reply to user inquiries. The amount of customization needed and the caliber of the NLP engine being used will determine how much NLP services will cost.


The cost of design will vary according to the degree of customization needed and the user interface's complexity. A straightforward chatbot with basic features could require less design work than a complex one. The complexity of the chatbot, the degree of customization required, and the ongoing maintenance and support requirements will all have an impact on the price of an AI chatbot. To make sure that your chatbot satisfies your unique requirements and generates the intended ROI, it is crucial to collaborate with skilled engineers and designers.


Factors that affect the cost of AI chatbot 

The cost of an AI chatbot will ultimately rely on several variables, such as the kind of chatbot needed, the degree of customization necessary, and the complexity of the systems and interfaces it needs to interact with. Working with skilled engineers and designers can make sure the chatbot satisfies your unique requirements and generates the necessary ROI. An AI chatbot cost might vary depending on several variables, including:

Chatbot category

Depending on the kind of AI chatbot needed, the price can change. For instance, a straightforward rule-based chatbot might be less expensive than a more complex machine-learning chatbot that needs a lot of knowledge and development time.

Customization required

The cost of an AI chatbot will vary depending on the extent of customization needed. A more complicated chatbot will cost more than a simpler, pre-built chatbot because it will need special development and integration with existing systems.

Adaptation to current systems

The price of development and integration may increase if the chatbot needs to be integrated with pre-existing systems, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Hosting and upkeep

The cost of hosting and looking after an AI chatbot will vary depending on the amount of traffic it receives and how much regular upkeep it needs.

Designing a user interface

The price of designing a user interface (UI) will vary depending on how complicated the UI is and how much customization is needed. A pricey, out-of-the-box design will cost less than one with a more complicated user interface, extensive functionality, and custom branding.

Data security and privacy

Additional security precautions can be necessary if the chatbot handles sensitive data, including financial or personally identifiable information, to preserve user privacy. The price of development and upkeep may rise as a result of these actions.

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Chatbot development and design

Chatbot creation and design entails constructing an artificial intelligence-powered computer that can imitate a conversation with a human user. The goal of chatbot development is to construct a system that can read natural language inputs from users and answer properly in a way that feels like a real conversation. Creating a chatbot typically entails the following steps:

Determine the chatbot goal

The first stage in chatbot development is to determine the chatbot's purpose and what it will be used for. This includes outlining the chatbot's functionality, its intended audience, and the problems it will tackle.

Create the conversation flow

The next stage is to create the conversation flow, which is the series of messages the chatbot will exchange with the user. This involves sketching out the numerous scenarios and user inputs the chatbot may meet and designing appropriate responses.

Choose the developer platform

There are various platforms available for constructing chatbots, including custom-built solutions, chatbot development frameworks, and chatbot builder tools.

Create the chatbot

After deciding on a platform, the chatbot is created using Node.js or Python programming languages, and it is then integrated with natural language processing (NLP) tools like Dialog Flow or IBM Watson.

Test and refine

The chatbot is then tested to find and correct any flaws or bugs. The chatbot's responses are improved via user testing and feedback, which also helps to increase its responsiveness and usefulness.

Design of chatbot user interface

The design of the chatbot's user interface is also a significant part of chatbot development. The user's experience may be significantly impacted by the user interface design, which defines how the chatbot's responses are presented to the user. The user interface needs to be simple, clear, and visually appealing. Additionally, the goal of the chatbot should be reflected in its design and target audience. 

In general, creating a chatbot is a challenging process that calls for knowledge of programming, user experience design, and artificial intelligence. By carefully planning and creating a chatbot that matches the demands of its target audience, enterprises may provide an engaging and personalized user experience, boost customer satisfaction, and achieve business goals. 


AI chatbot integration with third-party tools and services

AI chatbots can be linked with third-party tools and services to expand their functionality and deliver more comprehensive solutions to consumers. The following are a few methods for integrating chatbots with external tools and services:

CRM integration

AI chatbots can be coupled with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies like Salesforce or Hubspot, to enable the chatbot to access customer information and personalize the user experience.

Integration of payment gateways

To enable payments within the chatbot conversation, chatbots can be integrated with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, or Braintree.

Integration of language translation services

If the chatbot caters to a global audience, it can be integrated with Google Translate to offer multilingual support.

Social media integration

Chatbots can be integrated with social media platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to offer seamless communication between users and the chatbot. Integration with analytics systems like Google Analytics or Mixpanel can be used to track the performance of the chatbot.

Chatbot development platform integration

Chatbots can be constructed on third-party platforms like Dialogflow or IBM Watson, and can be coupled with these platforms to expand their functionality and capabilities. By integrating AI chatbots with third-party tools and services, organizations can give their customers a more personalized and seamless experience while enhancing their operational efficiency.

Can I eventually save money using an AI chatbot? Yes, there are several ways an AI chatbot can help you save money in the long run.

  1. Budget tracking: Many AI chatbots are made to assist you in keeping tabs on your spending and budget. The chatbot can help you save money by identifying areas where you can reduce spending by tracking your spending patterns.
  2. Investing advice: Depending on your financial objectives and risk tolerance, certain AI chatbots are built to offer investment advice. You may increase your return on investment and build your wealth over time by making good financial decisions.
  3. Alerts for discounts and coupons: Some AI chatbots can assist you in finding discounts and coupons for the goods and services you are interested in. The discounts can help you save money when you purchase over time. 
  4. Bill reminders: To assist you avoid late fees and other penalties, AI chatbots may also notify you of forthcoming invoices and their due dates. In the long term, this can save you money by preventing idling charges.
  5. Energy monitoring: Some AI chatbots can track your energy use and make recommendations for ways to save energy, including shutting off lights or modifying your thermostat. Over time, this may enable you to reduce your energy costs.

Overall, an AI chatbot can assist you in making long-term financial savings by offering individualized financial advice, keeping track of your spending patterns, and warning you when there are opportunities to save costs.



Different pricing models for AI Chatbot

We’ll give you an overview of standard subscription packages available in the market in comparison with AI chatbot tool - Invocom. 

Chatbot pricing comparison table

Basic subscription package 

The cost falls between $0 to $100/mo

Pro subscription package 

Around $15 and $500/mo

Business subscription package 

Can cost around $600 and $5,000/per mo

In-house chatbot development 

Approx. $10,000/mo

Service-based pricing model 

Falls between $0.006 and $1 per text or audio request

Third-party resources for chatbot development 

Development & maintenance cost $1,000 and $5,000/mo 


Invocom subscription plans 

We offer tailored plans according to your organizational needs, here’s a handy table and set of options you’ll get regarding price. 


$0 per month 

Pro (Best for professionals)

$40 per month 

Ultimate (Toolset for hard players)

$75 per month 


To conclude 

The price will depend on several variables, including the chatbot's complexity, functionality, platform, and the location of the development team. Due to technological breakthroughs, growing competition, and the accessibility of open-source tools and frameworks, the cost of creating an AI chatbot has generally been declining. From a few thousand dollars to about $20,000 may be required to construct a simple chatbot with limited capabilities in 2023. Typically, pre-built templates or low-code platforms that demand little bespoke development would be used for this.

The price could range from $20,000 to $100,000 or more for chatbots with more sophisticated features like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL). A focused development would be required for this team with proficiency in artificial intelligence and machine learning, utilizing cutting-edge frameworks and connecting with multiple platforms and systems.

It is significant to remember that continuing upkeep and updates are also necessary for AI chatbots, and these expenses should be taken into account when establishing the entire budget.

In general, the price of creating an AI chatbot in 2023 will vary depending on the particular needs and objectives of the project. To achieve success, it's critical to collaborate with a skilled development team and produce a thorough project strategy and budget.


Can an Invocom AI chatbot help me save money in the long run?

Invocom AI chatbot can save money by increasing efficiency via handling multiple customer queries with high accuracy. It reduces the response time in the long run and cuts the cost of businesses hiring additional staff for night and weekend shifts.



Can I get a demo or trial version of an AI chatbot before committing to a pricing plan?

Yes, you can sign up for a free trial of our AI chatbot before committing to a pricing plan. You can also schedule a call with one of our experts to guide you through all the customization packages as well as the exclusive and competent features of the AI chatbot. 

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