10 Frequent Customer Service Problems and their Solutions with Chatbots



Consumer satisfaction is the most critical indicator for gauging customer delight. Superior client satisfaction may generate a competitive advantage and strengthen your brand image.  Additionally, consumers are the most outstanding judges of your company's offerings. As it is unquestionably preferable to have pleased customers as opposed to unsatisfied ones, companies face a continual effort to resolve customer service issues and provide an exceptional service experience. 

Consumer satisfaction

79% of customers complaining online about a negative customer experience had their objections disregarded. After a single unfavorable interaction, customers will never do business with a firm again. Therefore, detecting customer service concerns and proactively resolving them is essential for fostering long-term client connections and boosting customer retention.


The environment of providing customer care is fundamentally transforming due to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). AI customer service bot enables businesses to better assist their customers' requirements at more contact points throughout their journey. This support may be automated messaging or visual search, for example. Since more customers have shifted their purchasing habits online, mainly due to the pandemic, companies have been forced to undertake extensive changes to how they provide customer service. Since March 2020, AI chatbot's customer service has gained significant popularity due to their ability to provide assistance around the clock and answer inquiries without the need for human interaction.


The following is an examination of how chatbots for customer care may increase the quality of the support experience provided to customers and significantly boost the productivity of support teams. You've come to the right spot if you're seeking ideas to develop impactful bots, as we also offer some of the best case studies from our clients. And if you're looking for inspiration to build impactful bots, you've come to the perfect place.


Is a Customer Service Chatbot Necessary? 


A chatbot customer service is an automated program that employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to answer customers' fundamental inquiries via a business messenger. Questions such as "how can I add additional users?" and "what are your pricing options?" are examples of such inquiries.

AI chatbots use the resources already available to your company, such as frequently asked questions (FAQs) or articles from your knowledge base, to assist in answering and resolving your consumers' problems. They can detect and provide answers to numerous variations of identical inquiry, and they may be taught to provide immediate replies using the voice and tone you choose to use.


You can go one step further using Intercom's Resolution Bot, which allows you to proactively respond appropriately to the client's question before the consumer has even finished putting it in. This results in a quicker and more consistent level of service for your clients and a reduction in the number of repeated and transactional queries your support employees must answer. If any of the following apply to your website, you should seriously consider adding a chatbot like this one to it:


  • Your worldwide client base constantly expands, and these consumers demand service in several languages.
  • There is a need for support across various channels (e.g., website, in-app, social media, Etc.).
  • You cannot maintain support personnel available around the clock.
  • You need to develop strategies to scale your customer assistance while lowering the expenses associated with providing that help.

Is a Customer Service Chatbot Necessary?

Why is resolving Customer Service Issues so Important?


Every organization confronts challenges, but what matters most is how successfully they work to fix them. Resolving customer service issues is vital since they affect other corporate functions. Businesses must become more customer-centric and coordinate their offerings to solve consumers' concerns and delight them efficiently.


Delivering an outstanding experience assists organizations in achieving crucial goals such as:


Acquire More Customers


You increase your consumers' pleasure when you go above and above to provide excellent customer service. Satisfied clients may suggest additional customers to you via word-of-mouth, significantly increasing your customer base and sales conversion rate.


Cultivate Customer Loyalty


Providing fast responses and addressing their customer service issues with appropriate solutions impresses them greatly. Satisfied customers are more inclined to associate with you, which enhances client loyalty.


Reduce Client Churn


Even if your product is of good quality, clients will likely switch to a rival if they need better service. Providing superior customer service is an investment for your company since it decreases customer churn and boosts client lifetime value (LTV).


Common Customer Service Problems for Businesses


Businesses face various obstacles as they strive to supply the goods and services that consumers need most. However, consumers are more likely to recall how a firm handles a negative encounter than the problem itself.​​


We have listed the most frequent customer service issues and their related remedies. The solutions may assist firms in providing excellent customer service and turning bad experiences into good ones.

  • Slow reaction time
  • The rudeness of customer service personnel
  • Lack of real-time participation
  • Being moved to a different agent
  • Excessive customer service automation
  • Lack of a single client view
  • Inept customer service personnel
  • Offering the incorrect product
  • Failing to satisfy obligations
  • No or inadequate after-sales assistance

Explore customer service problems, their root causes, and potential remedies.


Common Customer Service Problems for Businesses


Slow Reaction Time


Holding music is a bane to everyone's existence. 76% of respondents agreed that it would only take one negative encounter with a contact center for them to consider taking their business elsewhere. When consumers are given the option, it is abundantly evident that they will choose those businesses that offer superior customer service. In addition to that, they will talk about their experience with their close friends and relatives.


Therefore, cutting down on wait times needs to be a top goal. They need to perceive the return on investment (RoI) in offering a better experience since customer service is seen as a function that adds expenditure without contributing income by many businesses. But successful people understand how critical it is to make the most of every chance to engage with clients.


The Rudeness of Customer Service Personnel


The most disappointing aspect of any brand is the impolite customer care employees. When clients contact help, they are anxious, and if the agent communicates harshly, they have zero tolerance for such conduct. If a customer calls support, they are already apprehensive. Irate customers have a detrimental effect on the brand. They leave their previous employer, make their voices heard on social media, and discuss it with their peers.


Seventy percent of the customer's journey is determined by their perception of how they are being handled. For this reason, the fundamental guidelines of good customer service etiquette should be included in every aspect of your company to provide service of the highest possible standard.


Lack Of Real-Time Participation


Live chat is only sometimes sufficient to meet client's immediate needs, who, in many cases, want immediate help. To find the best answer, it is necessary to either visually inspect the issue or engage in direct discourse about the matter. 23% of customers prefer a face-to-face encounter for more complex customer care concerns such as problem-solving. It is a good idea to engage with consumers in real-time by using solutions for live customer interaction, as this will increase the first contact resolution (FCR) and give an excellent level of service.


Lack Of Real-Time Participation


Being Moved to a Different Agent


When people call out for help, they often run into issues with customer service, such as having to spend time transferring between departments or agents and describing the same problem. This is a common problem. It is aggravating to start the procedure again after being moved to a new department in the company. When company operations are not correctly linked with the communication channels, it may lead to blunders like these in customer service.


Excessive Customer Service Automation


The usage of automation should be prioritized but should serve as something other than the ultimate objective. An unhealthy reliance on technology might lead you down the wrong path. Instead of trying to perform in place of a human, use automation to kick off a dialogue and get things moving in the right direction.


The best Customer Service Chatbots may automate anything that can be modeled, such as frequently asked questions for customer care or sales. On the other hand, customer service problems that call for an in-depth conversation should be delegated to something different than a computer program. Forty percent of clients would rather speak with a natural person when the issue is more complex, such as a disagreement about payment.


Lack of a Single Client View


Inconsistent service, which happens when customer service and the need for a beer journey need to be correctly aligned, ultimately leads to customer frustration. Eventually, they will switch brands, and all of their previous attempts to create connections with their customers will be in vain.


The provision of consistent omnichannel customer care across all available channels—including a company's website, social media platforms, phone, in-app, and physical locations—should be the primary priority of businesses. It implies that a consumer who is happy with the social assistance they get via Facebook messenger should also be pleased with the level of help they receive through your website.


Customers are constantly provided with reliable omnichannel service by Bank of America, a well-known worldwide bank. The bank makes it possible to do everything, from depositing checks to organizing appointments, via the use of the mobile and desktop applications that the corporation provides.


Inept Customer Service Personnel

Inept Customer Service Personnel

When customers interact with a company, they seek open and honest information on the items and services offered. Everything may go to hell if the personnel doesn't have enough expertise or isn't properly educated. Agents like these need to be more robust when providing a positive customer experience.


When businesses introduce new training techniques, they need to make sure they understand, from the point of view of their consumers, what it is that they want to learn and hear. One approach to developing that list is examining the issues that often arise with customers.


Offering The Incorrect Product


Customer service representatives often need help comprehending the requirements of their clients and thus provide the incorrect product or service in response. This may be due to a reliance on reactive channels like the phone, which require long dialogues that cannot clearly identify what the consumer wants.


Active listening is a skill that is often undervalued, although it is essential to problem-solving. When providing customer service, it might be helpful to learn what customers seek using proactive communication channels.


Failing to Satisfy Obligations


Typically, service providers make misleading pledges to clients without recognizing how severely it might harm their brand. This can be very detrimental to a company's reputation. Customers shouldn't be given assurances that you won't be able to fulfill. And if made, maintain it.


If we exceeded our customers' expectations, we would see an increase in their overall satisfaction, which would benefit our company. Customers are more likely to trust and remain loyal to your brand and remember it for the rest of their lives. To maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, it is necessary to continually supply more value since consumers' expectations will only continue to rise.


No or Inadequate After-Sales Assistance


When it comes to the vast majority of enterprises, the end comes when the last sale is made. They don't care too much about the consumer's experience with the product or service, such as whether or not they are having any problems with it.


This should not even be a possibility. If you do not provide after-sales support for your clients, you will create a significant issue for your customer care department. After the transaction, you may make your clients feel valued by reaching out to them and assisting them if you discover that they are experiencing difficulties.


Inevitable Customer Service Issues


Concerns about the quality of customer service are not going away; on the contrary, they will continue to surface. Because of the rapid pace at which client expectations evolve, it is impossible to prevent them. To be able to address the issues efficiently, you will, nevertheless, need to have a well-tailored crisis management strategy.


Inevitable Customer Service Issues


Your attention should also be directed to acquiring the most effective instruments for providing customer assistance to forestall some of the typical issues associated with providing care. You will be able to give an outstanding consumer support experience and overcome the issues associated with providing customer service to the most significant degree possible if you carry out the plan and put an effective system and procedure in place.