The Power of a Good Chatbot Name: Tips for Naming Your Bot and Enhancing User Engagement


There’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us in the past two years - Chatbots are an indispensable means of communication for businesses. They are currently being deployed across varied industries such as healthcare, automotive, travel, hospitality, real estate, and manufacturing. Rest assured you would want a friendly chatbot to assist you on your website, social media, and other channels. Giving your chatbot a personalized touch is the fastest way to build trust with your potential customers. A good chatbot name is the first step towards it, we’re sure that most of you at some point in life must have interacted with a chatbot. And if you did, you have noticed they all have a unique quirky name or something that quickly resonates with you and wants you to connect with them. 


Interestingly enough, we’re going to discuss tips here for naming your bot and how it can enhance user engagement.

Naming your Chatbot

Why a good chatbot name matters 

In simple words, Chatbot is a computer software, therefore, naming it serves a very important purpose. It enables your customers to feel more connected and at ease while communicating. Technical terms like a virtual agent and customer support system feel more mechanical and unrelatable. Also, if your customer isn’t able to develop a communication path, they will most likely be unable to carry the chat forward. 


Naming your chatbot a catchy, lucrative noun will give a personality to your chatbot. It creates a more approachable and personal impression for your customers. Giving you a good bot name that matches the tone of your business is also key to creating a positive image in the minds of your consumers. There’s a whole concept behind why Apple has Siri and Google has Alexa instead of just a simple Apple bot and Google bot. 



Bot Names




A1 Bot


Cyber Lox


Lo Lamabot

Space Nomad



The Nanny






How to choose the good bot name 

Describe the main purpose of a chatbot 

Bots are crafted specifically to serve different purposes i.e a healthcare chatbot is used to collect patient information, appointment reminders, and more. Likewise, an e-Commerce bot is used to handle customer queries, handle purchase orders, and circulate product information. Therefore, think aptly before giving names to the bot.

Consider your ideal customer profile

Naming a chatbot is a fun and ideal thing to do while running fully functional customer service. But naming it without keeping your business guidelines in mind is counter-productive. For example, in the healthcare industry patients use chatbots to get information about their illnesses, and having a quirky chatbot name won’t be suitable. In this case, a simple, sober, and short name would do. 

Brand personality

Keep in mind that you’re using a chatbot for brand communications, so your chatbot must reflect the business identity. Having said that, the chatbot's name will influence how people are going to relate themselves with attributes. Depending on whether your brand tone is funny, quirky, eccentric, or serious, it makes complete sense that both names should resonate with the attributes. 

Bot or human?

Once again it all comes down to the purpose your bots serve. If it largely handles customer service and handles consumers seamlessly. It’s necessary to choose a name that is likely to get connected with customers. Just remember emotions are a prime aspect to consider while selecting a bot’s name, therefore, it’s important to define chatbot functionality beforehand. 


What are some tips for choosing a good chatbot name?

Making a good bot requires a catchy name. You can use the following advice to pick a fantastic name for your chatbot: 

Ensure simplicity 

A short and memorable name will make it easier for users to remember your chatbot. 

Integrate it with your brand

Your chatbot's name should sound like your brand. Your chatbot name should reflect the joyful and humorous nature of your brand. 

Don't use generic names 

A generic moniker like "bot" or "helper" should be avoided. These names may give the impression that your chatbot is cold and mechanical. 

Give it a name that corresponds to its purpose

Choose a name that expresses the purpose of your chatbot, if possible. Consider a name like "MoneyMate" if your chatbot offers financial advice.

Test it out

Test out various names on beta testers or focus groups to determine which one resonates the best with them. 

Think about the domain's accessibility

Check to see if the name you select is already taken as a domain name. This is crucial if you ever decide to build a website for your chatbot. 


How to Name your chatbot


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