Marketing with Chatbots and Facebook Messenger: Here are 8 Ideas


Need assistance getting started with chatbots on Facebook Messenger? Here are eight strategies for achieving sky-high engagement.


Do you want to reach more than 1,300,000,000 Facebook Messenger users?

Then create a Facebook Messenger bot!


Using a Messenger bot, you can improve the number of contacts your business has on Facebook Messenger. Using a Messenger chatbot, you can send bulk messages, organize your audience, track open rates, Etc. Just like you would with an email marketing campaign.


Unlike email marketing, chatbots offer an unheard-of ROI: they often have an open rate of 70–80 percent during the first hour. Developing a chatbot for Facebook Messenger is necessary to capitalize on these exceptionally high available rates.


Continue reading to learn about what Messenger is, how chatbots work and what a Facebook Messenger chatbot is, and how to use one.


What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is a well-known chatting platform and application. Users may send messages, share photographs, videos, stickers, music, and files, respond to other users' statements, and engage with bots. Additionally, the service allows phone and video calling. The standalone applications use numerous accounts, discussions with optional end-to-end encryption, and gameplay.


What is Facebook Messenger?


Over 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger, and as the graph below from G2 demonstrates, Messenger's user growth has been continuously robust.


What is Messenger Marketing?

Messenger marketing is the practice of marketing to your consumers and potential customers using a chat program, such as Facebook Messenger. Although this kind of marketing is comparable to email marketing, there are important distinctions and special tools.


What is a Facebook Messenger bot?


A chatbot (or bot) is an automated software that participates in communication with humans. Chatbots are trained to comprehend simple inquiries, deliver responses, and carry out numerous activities. Watch the following little video for an introduction to bots.


Marketing Chatbots are gaining prominence.

What is a Facebook Messenger bot?


A Facebook Messenger chatbot or bot is designed especially for the platform of Facebook Messenger. More than 300,000 chatbots are active on Facebook Messenger.


A Facebook Messenger bot may be placed on your website in the same way as any other chatbot to react to inquiries and interact with visitors. Still, unlike other chatbots, it is powered by Facebook. Everyone who interacts with your website chatbot will be added to your Facebook Messenger contacts list, enabling you to send chat blasts (the new and improved email blast!).


The misconception that Facebook Messenger marketing chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence is widespread. A computer program powers Facebook Messenger bots, and you have total control over their communications (including responses to questions).


How do I use Facebook Messenger bots?


You may need to learn how to begin with Facebook Messenger marketing bots. It's not just you.

How do I use Facebook Messenger bots?


The most challenging aspect of production is determining what to make.


Virji's proposal:

Virji's proposal


We want to help you get started with Facebook Messenger marketing. The following eight steps will help you immediately implement a chatbot for your business.


Automate Q&A


Automating questions and answers is the most straightforward approach to utilizing a chatbot. A marketing chatbot can quickly respond to clear, elementary inquiries.

Automate Q&A


This will provide a solid basis for the kind of inquiries your bot might answer. Consider developing a chatbot to answer the following questions:

  • What are your store's operating hours?
  • What telephone number do you have?
  • Where do you reside?

Deliver Daily or Weekly Messages


Depending on your brand, you may send out messages weekly or even daily. Every morning, a yoga business may send inspirational mantras; on Sundays, a bookshop would send the New York Times bestseller list.


Encourage users to make reservations for services or appointments.


Are appointments accepted for your business?


A chatbot can set them up for you. Once users interact with Sephora's Facebook Messenger marketing chatbot, they can arrange a makeover.


Send Promotional Offers and Coupons


Meet your consumers where they are by delivering them unique offers, discounts, and discount codes over Facebook Messenger.

Send Promotional Offers and Coupons


Take Orders


If your company accepts orders, a chatbot may also help you speed up the process. For instance, Pizza Hut's Facebook Messenger users may complete a whole order without leaving the application.


Disseminate Breaking News


With Facebook Messenger, publishers have the unique chance to distribute news in real time. One of the ways Search Engine Journal utilizes Facebook Messenger is as follows.

If Google changes its algorithm significantly, Search Engine Journal may quickly notify all its Facebook Messenger subscribers.


Administer Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls


You may gather data about your contacts through the intelligent use of surveys. This will help you to serve them more effectively and provide more tailored information. Consider how Spotify handles it.


Search Engine Journal, for instance, periodically polls Facebook Messenger members to determine the areas in which they have the most significant interest: SEO, PPC, SMM, content marketing, or all of the above.


By segmenting Search Engine Journal's subscribers using a chatbot, they can give highly targeted, valuable, tailored information.


Publish blog posts or send subscribers fresh content.


Consider Facebook Messenger to be an updated RSS feed. You may promote your new entries by email if you run a blog. This should be only some of your blog entries, mainly if you write often. Choose your finest material to avoid overwhelming your readers!


Facebook Messenger bots vs. other bots


Companies like Drift and Intercom provide chatbots to automate and enhance lead generation, email marketing, and other tasks. Facebook Messenger chatbots are only concerned with Facebook Messenger marketing.


Therefore, if you use the Facebook Messenger website chat widget, chats are instantly sent from your website to the user through Facebook Messenger. This gives several significant benefits over competing chat systems for advertisers, including:


  • You Receive Complete Contact Information - The chats are not private. Facebook offers the identities of those who message your website, along with contact information and profile pictures. On other chat systems, if the user exits the browser, the advertiser has no clue whom they are conversing with, which is quite aggravating.
  • You Can Send Them Push Notifications — Anyone who contacts your page has agreed to receive messages, so you can send them follow-ups or reminder drip campaigns, which is incredible.
  • You Receive Their Facebook ID: These are often permanent, but business emails expire on average 4% every month due to employment changes, Etc.
  • They can be remarketed using Facebook ads.


Why are intelligent marketers using Messenger chatbots?


Marketers' objectives are reaching more prospects, generating more leads, and increasing conversions. This was traditionally simple and inexpensive to achieve on Facebook, but over the last several years, Facebook's organic reach has decreased, and advertising expenses have risen.


Consequently, several marketers have shifted their efforts from Facebook to other social networks. Facebook Messenger chatbots, however, allow you to restore the traditionally robust reach and engagement on Facebook while decreasing your expenditures. You are not alone in not utilizing Facebook Messenger chatbots. This method is used by less than one percent of marketers and enterprises to engage with clients and prospects.


Messenger bots may be the best-kept secret in digital marketing today. The Co-Founder of InvoCom asserts that Facebook Messenger chatbots will be the leading marketing medium for the next five to ten years. 


Why are intelligent marketers using Messenger chatbots?


Marketers and company owners experimenting with bots know the benefits bots provide for enterprises. Facebook proclaims:


  • Monthly, 2 billion communications are transmitted between companies and individuals.
  • 53% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from a company they can message.
  • 56% of respondents would instead send a message than contact customer care.


As a result, savvy marketers increasingly include chatbots, particularly Messenger chatbots, in their marketing strategies. Messenger chatbots may help you restore Facebook user engagement and reach.


  1. Messenger communications on Facebook reach far more people than organic postings. In reality, whereas organic Facebook postings get an average of 1% to 2% of Page followers, the typical open rates for Facebook Messenger messages range from 50 to 80%, with a click-through rate of 20% on average. 
  2. Facebook Messenger communications convert three to five times better than desktop advertisements. This is because most Messenger users are mobile and interact with messages more often. Facebook desktop advertisements must share a wide screen with other promotions and content. And it helps that customers believe texting is the second-best method to communicate with a company.
  3. Messenger on Facebook helps segment your audience. You may divide your audience based on their preferences or actions and send separate conversation blasts to each area.
  4. You can construct intelligent chatbots to automate Q&A with a human takeover. For instance, if you want to encourage someone to organize a sales call with your team, you may automate a Facebook Messenger chatbot to request their contact information. Notably, a person may join and take control of any discussion.
  5. Launching a Facebook Messenger chatbot does not need coding knowledge. Without the assistance of software professionals, anybody can build chatbots in minutes using simple tools from a business like InvoCom.

Time to Create your Customized Chatbot


Long story short, we've explained how you can use chatbots to their maximum potential from a marketing perspective. In a world full of Facebook messenger bots, InvoCom gives its clients access to fully-customizable chatbots equipped with professional-grade capabilities. This sort of offer is made available by InvoCom's purpose-built chatbot, which allows you to reach out to prospects, provide tailored experiences, raise conversion rates, and ultimately boost your profits. Here are eight ways you may start using chatbots on Facebook Messenger right now. Now is the perfect moment to get started on the building!